Society of
County Treasurers


Society officers conduct the affairs and direct the business of the Society. Members are elected to officer positions annually, although they may serve more than one annual term. To be elected SCT President (excluding extenuating circumstances), a member first performs the role of Co-Vice President for two years. Individuals holding the current officer posts are as follows:


Chris Tambini,
Director of Corporate Resources,
Leicestershire County Council    

Co-Vice President

Michael Hudson,
Chief Financial Officer,
Worcestershire County Council  

Co-Vice President

Nicole Wood,
Director of Finance and Procurement,
Essex County Council

Honorary Secretary

Steve Mawson,
Director of Corporate Resources,
Gloucestershire County Council  

Honorary Treasurer

Pam Duke
Director of Finance (s151 Officer)
Cumbria County Council  

Honorary Auditor  

Lizzie Watkin
Head of Corporate Finance and Deputy s151
Wiltshire Council  

Dinner Secretary  


Lead Advisors

In addition to elected officers, the Society has a number of lead advisors. The current leads and their area of expertise are:

CCN Lead Advisor         

SCT President

Health & ASC                 

Richard Ambrose (Buckinghamshire)
Ian Gutsell (East Sussex)


Katherine Eberhart (West Sussex)
Lorna Baxter (Oxfordshire)
Mark Wynn (Cheshire West & Chester)

Transformation & Finance

Alex Thompson (Cheshire East)

Children & Education

Chris Tambini (Leicestershire)
Louise Aynsley (Suffolk)
Andy Watkins (Bedford)

Waste, Transport & Environment

Michael Hudson (Worcestershire)
Peter Handford (Derbyshire)


Simon George (Norfolk)


Mark Wynn (Cheshire West & Chester)
Nigel Stevenson (Nottinghamshire)
Simon George (Norfolk)

Other Roles

CIPFA LG Faculty

Lorna Baxter

CIPFA LG Policy Panel and Counter-Fraud

Michael Hudson

BRR Steering Group

SCT President and Co-Vice Presidents

ALATS Attendees

SCT President and Co-Vice Presidents

SCT Spring Seminar 

SCT Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer

NAO Panel

Rob Powell (Warwickshire)
Leigh Whitehouse (Surrey)

VOA Work

Andrew Lovegrove (Herefordshire)

Former Presidents

Throughout its history the Society has kept a record of its previous presidents. These are given below:

Full List of SCT Presidents and Honorary Secretaries

SCT Constitution

The original SCT Constitution and Regulations were approved and adopted at a meeting of the Society held on 23 September 1927. The original was amended and revised at meetings of the Society on 31 May 1946, 6 December 1957, 2 March 1979 and September 2019.

Once a revised constitution is completed, it will be available here.