Society of
County Treasurers

Technical Support

The Technical Support Team exists to support the Society’s member authorities by providing research and information on the local government funding environment. The Team provides ongoing support for the Society’s members and their authorities throughout the year by co-ordinating consultation responses and producing briefings and analyses. The Team is also responsible for the management of the Society’s accounts.

How We Work

Every member authority of the Society of County Treasurers pays an annual subscription to fund the work of the Technical Support Team, which is directed by the SCT President. The Team also supports the Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers' Society in a similar way as well as providing some support to the National Fire Chiefs Council's Finance Committee.

Who We Are

The Team has four members of staff. Individual team members lead on the methods used to finance local government services, public finance analysis, consultation responses, the Society’s accounts, and the development of the Society's website. To contact the Technical Support Team please select ‘Contact Us’ from the 'Contact' dropdown menu at the top of the page. Member authorities can also access the contact details of individual team members on the Technical Support Team page.

What We Do

  1. Produce briefings on funding announcements that affect upper-tier authorities.
  2. Provide analysis and information on the local government finance distribution system including the effects of data and methodology changes.
  3. Provide analysis of the annual Local Government Finance Settlement for member authorities.
  4. Co-ordinate surveys of member authorities on various financial issues, including budget planning and spending. These can then be used by member authorities and the Society to inform consultation responses and further lobbying of central government.
  5. Respond to consultations on behalf of the Society of County Treasurers (and CCN). 
  6. Attend meetings with central government on behalf of the Society.
  7. Prepare papers on developments in local government finance for regular meetings of the SCT and CCN.
  8. Produce six newsletters per year, updating member authorities on our current work and relevant news items.
  9. Update the SCT website. This is a comprehensive resource for member authorities containing information such as survey results, briefings, analysis and consultation responses in password-protected areas.
  10. Organise seminars and events, to keep member authorities up to date on fundamental changes to the local government finance system.